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  • 1914 German Brigade: WWI Great Escape Games
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1914 German Brigade: WWI Great Escape Games

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12mm WWI miniatures

In 1914, the Imperial German Army was the most efficient in Europe. Emphasis was placed on cultivating a strong basis of experienced officers and excellent training. A German infantry division comprised two infantry and one artillery brigade. Each brigade consisted of two regiments, with three battalions and one MG company in each regiment.


  • 4 Brigade Command figures, 
  • 4 Battalion Commanders, 
  • 60 Infantry figures,
  • 12 Cavalry miniatures, 
  • 12 Dismounted Cavalry miniatures, 
  • 5 Machine Guns,
  • 2 Field Artillery pieces & 4 crew models.

Models are 12mm sized, made of metal & supplied unpainted, bases included.