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Golden Disribution

Firefight: 2-Player Set (Marauders vs Enforcers) Board Game

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$130.00 USD
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$130.00 USD

71x Miniatures
40 Marauder Commandos/Brawlers Miniatures
4x Marauder Ripper Suit Miniatures
20x Enforcers Miniatures
5x Enforcer Peacekeeper Miniatures
2x Jetbike Miniatures
1x Firefight 2nd Edition Rulebook
1x Firefight Force Lists Book
2x Card Counter Sheet
1x Getting Started Guide
16x D8 Dice
11x Firefight Command Dice
71x Bases
9x 40mm Bases
62x 25mm Round Bases

Please Note:

Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.