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Flint and Feather - The Rulebook

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An incredible civilization once occupied the region surrounding the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River water shed, long before the arrival of Europeans to the continent. These peoples lived by farming, trade, hunting and fishing and had developed a society with rich mythological traditions and complex inter-societal relationships that often led them into conflict with one another.

The Huron or Wendat Confederation was a powerful Great Lakes Nation that occupied a central position of control over ancient North American trade routes before and after the arrival of Europeans to the continent. The wealth and influence that this control garnered led them into direct rivalry with the Haudenosaunee Five Nations, known to us now as The Iroquois.

The Haudenosaunee Confederation was comprised of the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga and Seneca tribes. Their great skills as warriors and statesmen would eventually make them the most powerful Indian nation of Eastern North America and this importance would remain well into the historic colonial era.

Flint and Feather is a tabletop game and range of quality miniatures designed to capture the excitement and colour of warfare in this era of dark forests and silvered waterways!

This is the full color hard cover version of the Flint and Feather rules.The book is 160 pages in length and is full 8.5" x 11" version.

This version has all the basic rules, scenarios, rules for animals and beasts, campaign rules, magic, quick play starter rules and all the cards which can be photocopied for play.