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  • Napoleon's French Middle Imperial Guard Victrix historical wargaming miniatures
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Napoleon's French Middle Imperial Guard Victrix

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This set is now on pre-order and orders should start shipping from 12th November. For those ordering this set between now and the 12th will receive a free transfer sheet to apply to the cartouche boxes and shako covers for every box of Middle Guard ordered. This also applies to Multi-Box deals.

28mm miniatures

The set contains 60 figures represent Napoleon's Middle Guard, 'Fusiliers- Chasseuirs' and 'Fusiliers-Grenadiers' but can also be used for many other of Napoleon's Elite units in campaign dress:

4 officers
4 standard bearers
4 drummers
16 firing line, firing, priming and loading
16 march attack with arms fully attached
16 either march attack or advancing at porte/charge

Of course any arm can be used on any figure, giving you the option to make many more positions than listed.