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  • Phase Cats & Bloodwaves for Frostgrave by Northstar 28mm Fantasy miniatures Great for Dungeons & Dragons
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Phase Cats & Bloodwaves for Frostgrave by Northstar

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Frostgrave Bestiary Creatures.

These oversized house cats are unique to the Collegium and tend to stay in or
around the Wheel. Over countless generations of breeding, these cats have become
attuned to the magic of Fatecasting and can draw upon it to teleport short distances.
Having been brought in to exterminate pests, these cats have become very territorial,
and are likely to attack any intruders, especially ones that seem to be stealing.

A form of semi-sentient liquid, bloodwaves are generally found in deep dark
caverns. Despite their name, they are not actually made of blood, but are often
mistaken for such due to their colouration, which runs from deep red through
to orangey-brown. Bloodwaves are predators, and kill their prey by suffocation.
They are extremely hard to kill as they are immune to most weapons, apparently
have no vital organs, and their ‘bodies’ can even divide and act independently for
short periods of time and over short distances before reforming. In the old city,
a few wealthy and eccentric wizards kept bloodwaves in sealed jars to use as a
form of decoration, giving the jar a shake from time to time to rile up the
bloodwave and get it nicely thrashing about.

Four models per pack. Suitable for use with 28mm sized miniatures, made of pewter, supplied unpainted